Welcome to Unique Gifts & Art!

We have just the perfect gift for her or him, or for the whole family.

We are Atlanta, GA based, family-owned company established in 2006. We are more than an online shop where you find unique, handmade artisan jewelry, clothing, art and more. We support local artisans and help to make a difference in their communities.

How are we different from the other online shops out there?

  • Our products are handmade by international artisans.
  • Our products are based on unique and one of a kind designs not found elsewhere.
  • We usually only one of each product in stock. So if you like something, buy it now before someone else does!

Our journey started back in 2006 with the dream of helping remote communities and their skilled artisans to share their amazing traditions, designs, and products with the world. We recognized that most people will never have a chance to visit these communities and experience the natural beauty and quality or the real, hand crafted products that the skilled artisans make.

We work with local artisans and communities that create these unique, handmade products. They are crafted  with love, using traditional designs and methods that have been passed on from generation to generation.

The materials are usually all natural and local – for example, our 100% pure alpaca clothing. Each alpaca garment we sell can be traced back to the artisan who made it, to the yarn they used, and all the way to the alpaca fibers that bring the vibrant natural colors and warmth to each piece. And in case you did not know, our 100% pure alpaca clothes are not chemically processed or colored. Each of our alpaca garment has only natural colors and other properties that make it so special.

Your purchase in our online shop improves the lives of the artisans and their communities. You can become part of this effort, weather you are buying it for yourself or as a gift.