Designer Clothes and Jewelry Fall and Winter Collection 2017-2018

Our Designer Clothes and Jewelry Fall and Winter Collection 2017-2018  has arrived to our online shop!  We offer unique designs and usually have only one (1) of each item, garment or jewelry in stock.  Our Designer Collection 2017-2018 includes handmade and one of a kind sterling silver jewelry including exquisite filigree sterling silver rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and religious jewelry that you will love to wear.

In addition to our exquisite sterling silver jewelry, our designer fall and winter 2017-2018 collection consists of handmade and unique garments, including pure alpaca handmade cardigans, scarves, ponchos and tops.  We also work with few select international artists that create amazing vitrals and glass art.  Want to make your house entrance or main door to stand out?  Add custom vitrals that are made my our Italian designer around your main door and/or entrance.  The glass art looks also great inside your house, as a separator between spaces, room, and offices as well.

Why, you may ask, do we have only one (1) of each item in our stock?  Because we focus on quality and uniqueness.  Because we travel to remote places to find the most exclusive pieces of art for you to wear.  We partner with international artisans, designers, and jewelry makers to find the most unique pieces for you, and to help their communities and business grow.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for her for the holidays and winter 2017-2018?  We invite you to visit our shop and enjoy browsing the unique items we have for sale.  You will not be disappointed.  She will absolutely love the handmade, unique gift from you because it is one of a kind piece of art.  There will be nobody else wearing anything like it!

Thank you for visiting Unique Gifts & Art online shop.  Please check back often because we keep adding more unique items each week.

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